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Virtual CIO Services

Our virtual CIO service gives you the benefit of a knowledgeable, trustworthy Chief Information Officer on your virtual staff at a fraction of the cost.  We custom tailor our services package to the needs of your business.   Most importantly, we provide you with a single point of contact. 

The buck stops here.  No more run around and finger pointing.

The following services are available to enable your business to acquire, maintain and leverage IT (information technology) to drive your operations.


Problem Resolution
Sometimes you just need to fix the here and now.   We will analyze your immediate problem, quickly develop the solution and deploy the appropriate skill set to solve your problem.  Then we will determine the root cause and help you put the proper measures in place to prevent it from reoccurring.


IT Audit and Assessment

Our audit service is designed to provide you with a complete assessment of your IT capability.  We will identify problem areas, risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities within your environment.  Our value add is the business assessment of your current use of technology.  Most computer consulting firms stop short with the technical assessment alone.  We answer the business question as to "How can I use technology effectively to increase my revenue, decrease my costs and improve the satisfaction level for my customers, employees and shareholders?".


Develop your strategic IT plan 
For most businesses, IT is an afterthought.  A properly formulated strategic IT plan, aligned with your business strategy, is the vehicle needed to deliver technology in a cost effective manner.  We will develop your plan based on an analysis of your existing business, your strategic direction, your industry, your competition, the abilities of your staff and any other resources and challenges.  We will help determine how to streamline, enhance and improve your IT function.


Develop the proper IT standards, policies and processes 
Most organizations need some sort of information technology standardization and process documentation.  We will help you identify your organization's requirements, the flexibility required by your users, any other limitations to effective standardization.  We will help determine and document the appropriate standards, policies and procedures for your organization.


Provide training and knowledge transfer
Our goal is to enable your resources with the knowledge and ability to use the technology.  We will develop the appropriate training materials and sessions for you.  We subscribe to the principle..."Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime"


Assessment, planning, design and management 
We will analyze your business model and processes and determine how (and if) information technology can effectively increase your profitability.  We will design the system and manage the specification and implementation.  Typical projects include:


  • Business systems

  • Web presence

  • Office Automation

  • Email

  • Intranets / Internet / Extranets

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Networking

  • Security

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Financial Management


Vendor and contractor search, evaluation, selection and management 
Finding the right partner is the most important factor in a successful IT project.  We'll help you make the right decisions.


  • We use our industry contacts and other techniques to find the right vendor for your project.

  • We will investigate their references. 

  • We know the questions to ask to get the most useful and honest information from the vendor's references. 

  • We will help you evaluate your choices and select the best partner. 

  • We will review the proposals for accuracy and completeness and help you choose the best match for your needs.

  • We will manage the business and technical relations with your vendors.

  • We will write the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualification (RFQ) and manage and evaluate the responses.



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